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Entering Retirement


Maintain a Steady Course

Stock market volatility can unsettle many people, especially when it involves their hard earned money. more

Diversify Your Investments

Spread your retirement savings among a variety of investments. more

Women & Investing: Changing times for female savers

As women, we need to accept the notion that nobody cares more about our money than ourselves and that we have to be the biggest advocates for our finances. more

10 Steps to Conquer Debt

From mortgages to student loans and credit cards, debt is something we all have in common. Here are some steps to help get you debt-free in good time. more

Choosing Investment Options

Building an investment strategy for your plan account is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. more

Assessing the Needs of Aging Parents

Although the topic may be difficult to broach, many are surprised to discover that talking with parents about their needs often opens doors of communication and strengthens familial bonds. One way to do this is through an assessment-which takes a thorough look at one's physical, mental, environmental, social, and financial situations to discover areas of concern and help ensure that risks are lessened, and that independence is maintained for as long as possible. more

Determine Your Retirement Readiness

The sooner you start putting together your retirement plan, the sooner you'll know if you'll have enough to last throughout your retirement. more

Consolidate Your Retirement Savings

Have more than one workplace savings plan account? Consolidate with your current provider for convenience and control. more

Make a Retirement Readiness Checklist

If you're thinking of retiring in the next 5-10 years, it's a good idea to make a checklist to help you achieve retirement readiness when the time comes. more

Understanding Roth and the Roth conversion opportunity

A Roth account trades a tax break now for the one in the future. In addition you may be able to convert a portion of your non-Roth accounts into a Roth account within the plan. more

Borrowing from Your 401(k)

If you're thinking of taking out a loan from your 401(k) retirement plan, here are five things to consider before making a move. more

Make Retirement Income Last

As you continue on your retirement journey, it's critical to have a plan for generating regular and reliable income for the rest of your life. more

Shifting gears from saving to spending

When you reach 50 and above and retirement inches closer, it's time to shift focus: determining a personal income strategy for wisely spending your retirement funds. more

Maintain a Diversified Portfolio

In the years approaching retirement, diversification should still be an important part of your overall retirement strategy. more

Divorce and Finances: Ways to Protect Your Assets

It's important for couples to be financially prepared in the event they decide to part ways. more

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