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Financial Advisors

External Contacts

  • North East & Mid-Atlantic Territories: Paul Webb, Regional Managing Director: 617-695-4433
  • North & Central Territories: Jon Matta, Regional Managing Director: 216-702-4048
  • South & South-East Territories: John Hipsher, Regional Managing Director: 704-238-7901
  • West & South-West Territories: Rob Olszewski, Regional Managing Director: 857-753-9872

Internal Contacts

  • Jason Jarema Investment Specialist: 860-562-7154
  • Hugo Destapado Investment Specialist: 860-562-5237

Institutional Intermediaries

External Contact

  • Johanna Vogel Managing Director, Consultant Relations: 860-562-4426

Internal Contact

  • Jason Jarema Investment Specialist: 860-562-7154

Current Shareholders

  • To obtain the most recent quarterly Due Diligence Report or other information available for any of the MassMutual Premier and MassMutual Select Funds, please send an email request to fundinfo@massmutual.com.