MassMutual is dedicated to helping you realize your retirement dreams! Your employer has partnered with The Iowa Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) and selected MassMutual to offer investments and retirement planning services in your employer-sponsored voluntary retirement savings benefit. Want to know more about MassMutual?

Your pension and social security income may not be sufficient to meet your retirement income needs. Your participation in this benefit now can make a big difference in your future choices and lifestyle.

To view a brief summary of the Iowa RIC 403 plan benefit, see the RIC Program Summary.

For a 403b plan document summary, review the RIC Plan Summary.


For more information about the Iowa Retirement Investors’ Club program, visit the RIC website.

UPDATE: Following an extensive review by Iowa RIC, it was decided to provide a new investment product and enhance the recordkeeping platform used to access MassMutual participant account activity, effective March 7, 2016. Although new contributions will deposit into this new product effective March 7, 2016, current account balances will remain in the old product unless you choose to process a contract exchange into the new plan. Due to this change, you will see some information labeled as "old product" and "new product" as we want to provide information for both platforms, where applicable.