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Yes, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Empower Retirement. As you navigate your site, you’ll notice many of the pages still have a MassMutual logo. That’s okay; it will take some time to fully transition you to the Empower experience. We look forward to this transition and helping you pursue the future you imagine.

Keeping retirement access plan participants connected and safe

We want you to enjoy the ease and convenience of a digital world, and not have to worry about cyber security. While logging in to your retirement access account, you will be guided through steps to establish a new, stronger and more secure username and password using an email address and a phone number for verification. Our Enhanced Account Security is part of our on-going initiative to upgrade our existing account security program to quickly identify, respond to and recover from information risk events.

First Time Logging In?

If your employer offers electronic enrollment and you have not been automatically enrolled, obtain your User ID and Password from your enrollment materials before you begin.

Complete Form

If your plan does not offer electronic enrollment, complete the enrollment form included in your enrollment materials.

Contact Benefits Administrator

If your enrollment materials do not contain an enrollment form or you do not have your enrollment materials, contact your Benefits Manager.

Having Trouble

Having trouble getting started with your enrollment? Contact Our Customer Service Representatives.


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